Chartridge Mission Church

Pastor Kenneth Claassen

Pastor of Marlow Baptist separates the facts from traditions surrounding what happened at Pentecost. Why did Peter quote from Joel that day? Buckle up; you'll never see Pentecost the same way again!

David Duffett

Paul Duffett

Sunday Service 18:00

A warm welcome awaits you!

Dr Philip Woodley

Pastor Steve Lloyd

Graham Green

Harry Smith

David Mortimer

Martin Anderson

Pastor Steve Lloyd

An exhilarating prophecy update from the Secretary of

Steve Lloyd is Pastor of Cranfield Baptist Church and we are delighted to see him return to Chartridge. 

Ken Austin

John Billett

Gerry Bessent

Peter Evans

David Duffett

Tony Woodward

Dr. Alec Passmore

Paul Barton

Anthony Reynolds

Colm Fagin

Our Central Beliefs are:

Chartridge Mission Church, also known as Chartridge Chapel, is an Evangelical Christian Fellowship aiming to worship and exalt God and share with others the Biblical Gospel of Christ. This fast changing world needs, above all things, the un-changing love of God and His power to save and transform lives. From these lives God's boundless touch of spiritual and practical compassion reach out to others both near and far. We aim to play our small part. Why not come along?